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● Location: Northwest, by Mont Blanc

40% white

60% red

● 250 hectares of vineyards


● Number of DOCG wines: 0 / DOC wines: 1

● Most characteristic native grapes:

Petit Rouge (red)

Fumin (red)

Prie blanc / blanc de morgex (white)


● Uniqueness: 

Val d'Aosta has a special autonomous status in Italy, and is bilingual Italian/French. It is Italy's smallest and least populated region.

In average, the wine growers own 1 hectar of vineyard which is also the smallest in the country.

The alpine climate gives origin to light, fresh and acidic wines that are often single varietal.


● Fun facts:

Chaudelune is Italy's only ice wine produced on the Mont Blanc at 1200 meters (4000 feet)

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