Tuscan Classics

Are you planning a trip to Tuscany or is your wine club in need of inspiration?

Look no further! Book a private 2-hr live webinar with our wine prof located in Tuscany and get a full presentation of Tuscany's wine regions. 

Invite as many as you like (up to 25 screens) for a fixed fee. Feel free to ask your prof any questions you have about Tuscany and wine - this will be as interactive as you want it to be and your gateway to the Tuscan wine country.

We're generally available between 5 pm - 9 pm (Florence CET). See what that corresponds to in your time-zone. If your needs differ, please contact us.

You can also order a tasting-pack of 6 bottles to match the course (but this is by no means necessary to enjoy the course fully). Shipping is included (to the EU, UK, or USA). Please consider the shipping time (anywhere from a couple of weeks to 4-5 weeks to, for example, the USA).