Our Short Classes (in-person & online)


Tuscan Classics with 6 wines in tasting

WINE   /  In Florence (in-person)   /  €55 per person

On Sundays in Florence, you can learn all about Tuscany's wine regions. The "Tuscan Classics" class is run by a professional wine coach in English and 6 different wines will be served, along with a small snack.

If you have a group of 6-10 people, we may be able to customize this class to the day and time desired - please contact us on italianwineinstitute@gmail.com.

wines of tuscany presentation.jpg

Tuscan Classics - online (on-demand)

WINE   /  2-hr online webinar   /  €150 for max 25 screens (private sessions)

Our "Tuscan Classics" program can also be organized online for your private group, with or without a 6-bottle tasting pack. 

This could be a fun event for your family or group of friends, or your wine club.

The cost of the online 2-hr session is 150 euro (you can invite up to 25 screens). 

Separate from this, it is possible to purchase a 6 bottle tasting-pack especially selected to accompany the class.

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Extra Virgin - online

OLIVE OIL   /  1.5-hr online webinar   /  €15 per screen (open sessions)

Do you love olive oil and want to know more about it? 

Our presentation will give you a good background knowledge about olive oil, so you can enhance your kitchen with the best, and never look back!

Periodically, we organise open sessions that cost 15 euro to join.

We can also organize a live webinar for your group of friends - shoot us an email to set it up.