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Vermentino di Gallura



● Location: Island, west of boot

44% white

56% red

● 26.200 hectares of vineyards


● Number of DOCG wines: 1 / DOC wines: 17

● Most characteristic native grapes:

Vermentino (white)

Nuragus (white)

Cannonau (red)

Monica (red)


● Uniqueness: 

Sardegna is like a small continent with a lot of different microclimates and soils. In the past the island was renowned for sweet and fortified wines, today it's the dry reds and whites that are in focus.


● Fun facts:

Sardegna is home to two distinctive yet rare wines: Vernaccia di Oristano and Malvasia di Bosa, which you should seek out and try!


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● Vermentino di Gallura (Vermentino

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